An ever-growing part of our products consists of IT equipment. Every organisation needs mobile phones, laptops, tablets and often servers. IT equipment is often seen as a promising product group from a circular procurement perspective because the potential impact is high. This primarily concerns hardware as software is not a physical product, which makes it difficult to apply circular principles.

However, IT has complex value chains because hardware contains so many different components and materials. This makes it difficult to close the chain. It is also important to emphasize international social conditions in this product group. Perform a market consultation to validate realistic ambitions for your project.


  • IT equipment is a difficult product group for circular procurement due to its long and complex value chain.
  • Environmental gains in IT procurement can be achieved by focussing on value chain transparency because this will – in the long term – create opportunities for circular models.
  • The disposal of IT equipment also offers opportunities to apply circular principles: is there value in the current deployment of equipment, and – for processing at material level – where and how are the materials processed?

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