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Select the procedure on the basis of the value of the contract, the number of suppliers in the market and the extent to which you want to stimulate cooperation between parties. Public organisations must comply with regulations relating to public procurement procedures; private organisations have more freedom. However, a private party is free to apply public procurement principles when selecting parties. Make sure to mention explicitly that you are not obliged to put out contracts to tender, and use the phrase ‘request for proposal’, for instance.

To achieve your circular ambitions, you need to stimulate collaboration, both between client and contractor and between chain partners. Use mutual dialogue to stimulate such collaboration. The dialogue between client and potential contractors could help to shed light on the ambitions and possible solutions. The dialogue between partners in the value chain might encourage them to collaborate on the solution that best contributes to making the ambitions a reality. Sitting down together is more likely to create mutual understanding than communicating in writing does. Determine the intensity of the interaction based on proportionality: to what extent is the interaction in proportion with your request?


  • Choose a procedure that is proportional to the size of the contract.
  • Always make room for a dialogue with market players in order to get better acquainted with the parties involved and enable them to understand your ambitions.
  • Prevent high transaction costs for market players due to a procedure that is needlessly intensive. Consider offering a fee for their efforts in case of large procurement projects.

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