Formulate ambitions & call for proposal

To ensure successful circular procurement project it is important that the cooperating parties have matching ambitions. The starting point is a clear definition of your own ambition for the procurement project. This also includes an assessment of your specific needs: what are you really hoping to achieve? Thinking in terms of the deeper needs of an organisation reveals more opportunities for circular solutions. For example, do you need new office chairs or good office chairs (that need not necessarily be new), or perhaps: good workplaces? Do you need a number of square metres per employee, or a healthy working environment?


  • Formulate a circular ambition that fits both the product group and the policies of your organisation.
  • At the start of the procurement project, determine the deeper needs of your organisation instead of the derived product request.
  • Functional specifications help you focus on your needs. This ensures that your approach starts from an objective, not from a means. It also allows you to take advantage of the knowledge and innovative potential available in the market.
  • Functional specifications are not sacrosanct! When dealing with an immature market or a complex product, technical specifications with due regard for circularity may provide the necessary guidance for market players.

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