Consulting the market

Perform a market consultation to validate the ambitions, specifications, possible demands and, if available, the graphic representation of the value chain. With a circular procurement project, you aim to achieve a maximum sustainability impact and a market validation helps you to clarify your ambitions. This ensures you have the most up-to-date knowledge at hand, as market players evolve relatively quickly. As part of your market research you could perform a market consultation.

A market consultation allows you to validate your ambitions and specifications and at the same time create the right expectations. In addition you should ask market players for information you need: what are the customary requirements in the market, what circular opportunities can be identified, how would parties like to be challenged? An open attitude allows you to make the most of these discussions. The insights you gain from this process can find their way into your definitive call for proposal. Depending on the objective there are various options: a digital Request for Information (RfI), a face-to-face discussion or a plenary setting.


  • Clarify beforehand what you want to achieve with the market consultation and include that in your communications.
  • Choose the form that best fits your objectives, i.e. do you just want to gather information or do you also want to stimulate parties to team up?
  • If you opt for a plenary market consultation or face-to-face discussions, make sure to adopt an open attitude. This will enable you to make the most of the opportunity.
  • Following a plenary market consultation, you should write a clear report of the market consultation and make this available in the public domain (in case of a public organisation) as an appendix to the tender documentation.

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