Circular contracting

Once the project has been awarded, the agreements must be converted into a contract. This contract formalises the relationship that was initiated in the procurement project. In this stage, too, you must take mutual confidence and cooperation as your starting point. What do you need to agree on to guarantee the functionality of the products supplied and to produce the circular achievements?

Involve a legal expert early on in your procurement process. Share your ideas and ambitions underlying the procurement with this expert, as well as the principles of cooperation you apply within the procurement project. Next, determine how to describe this concisely in a contract that is based on mutual confidence between parties.


  • At an early stage of your procurement process, involve a legal expert who understands the ideas and ambitions underlying the procurement project.
  • Involve the contract manager early on in your procurement process to ensure that circular achievements match his interests (for example: product does not fail).
  • Formulate the contract in functional terms as much as possible and use mutual confidence as your starting point.
  • Include KPIs in the contract that safeguard circular achievements.
  • Conclude a long-term contract, allowing market players to invest in the achievement of circular ambitions.

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