Involve internal stakeholders

Circular procurement not only provides a challenge for the procurement department, but also for the organisation as a whole, and as such requires the commitment of various parts of the organisation. This makes it important to be aware of the needs and concerns of the different stakeholders for each procurement project. After all, only if their needs are catered for and their concerns are addressed, you have created the right conditions to convince the stakeholders to use the procured product in a circular way in the long term.

Find out who the internal stakeholders are and what their interests are. Next, determine how you want to work together with these stakeholders during the procurement process. Also make sure that senior management of your organisation is on board. Find high-level ambassadors within your organisation who are willing to win over other internal stakeholders.


  • Do not underestimate the importance of involving the internal organisation! It turns out that lack of internal support is one of the biggest obstacles to a successful circular procurement project.
  • Perform a stakeholder analysis to reveal the interests of the various parties involved.
  • Define the common interest of the internal organisation for your procurement project and make sure it is shared by all internal stakeholders.
  • Determine in advance how you want to cooperate with the various internal stakeholders. For instance, who will join the project team, and who will only receive progress reports?
  • Find an ambassador who operates at high level within your organisation and who is able to support your circular procurement project where necessary and who can take decisions if departments have conflicting interests.

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