Influence conduct & behaviour

A It is hard, but not impossible to influence behaviour. To enable circular procurement, several internal and external stakeholders need to change their habitual behaviour. In your own organisation this includes the budget holder, the internal client and the contract manager. Outside your organisation, too, you need various stakeholders to participate, such as account managers, consultants and production managers at potential value chain partners. This involves stakeholders covering all steps from design and production to reverse logistic and recycling.


  • Focus on people’s motivation and connect with what motivates others.
  • Use mutual confidence – both internally and externally – as your starting point: Only by giving confidence you will receive confidence in return.
  • Create commitment at senior management level in your organisation, to ensure support for your efforts to involve the rest of the organisation in your circular ambitions.
  • Just get started with circular procurement and involve the stakeholders as you go along – they will see what it is like to do things in a different way.

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